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The Rebbe
Changed My Life
Tribute by Rabbi Jeremy Rosen Lubavitch
44 Years
 In Scotland

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Lubavitch of Scotland Supporting & Feeding
Scottish Jewry After Covid

Chabad Lubavitch of Scotland
For L'Chaim's Kosher Foods
& For Any Other Assistance
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Glasgow Jewish Community
Call Lubavitch for help with any
Rabbinical Emergency
We Officiate at Funerals, Shiva Houses
& Stone Setting Consecrations


The Lubavitcher Rebbe,
Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson told us
Moshiach is about to come, and that we should
through increasing in Torah study and practice
of Mitzvois and good deeds.


We salute 122 years since the birth of the 
Lubavitcher Rebbe. His influence on 
World Jewry is felt now more than
 ever through the thousands of 
Shluchim & Lubavitch
educational institutions worldwide.

Message from the Rebbe
'We must always hear the cry of a young Child

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs
Lubavitch Scotland Shliach and Outreach Worker

Rabbi Chaim & Sora Jacobs Co Directors
Lubavitch of Scotland

24 ladies of all ages filled L'Chaim's Restaurant for a Lunch and Learn session
with Sora Jacobs. Besides enjoying a tasty meal prepared by restaurant
chef Peter Lindsay they enjoyed a touch of spirituality with a talk
about Kashrus by Sora and questions that followed.
The talk was part of the Lubavitch Kosher Food and Jewish Home
Fortnight activities
Busy Lubavitch Shul in the Park, Glasgow's Alternative Shul
is busy with services most days of the Week
Sun. 8.40 am, Mon. 7.15 am,
Mon and Weds evening services held @6.30pm
Call 07966 303 292 for venue
Weds 9.00 am, Thurs. 7.15am, Fri evenings 6.15 pm
Shabbos Morning 10.30am followed by Kiddush
Over 130 people attend services thru the week
Founder Minister Rabbi Mendel Jacobs
Visitors and new members always welcome

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L'Chaim's Restaurant
Glasgow  & Scotland's Only
Shomer Shabbos Glatt Kosher Restaurant
For a Menu of L'Chaim's Kosher Meals we can supply
throughout Scotland, and Price List

Please Email
or call 0141 638 6116

Enjoy a Luxury Kosher Vacation 
around Craiglea Caithness.

Visit the Scottish Highlands

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Rabbi Chaim Jacobs Honoured at Lubavitch Shluchim
Conference Banquet in NY November 2015-5776

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Lubavitch  can assist in all matters 
of Jewish Education and Observance in the 
Glasgow Jewish Community and Worldwide 
Lubavitch 638 6116 Now!


Through the inspiration and leadership of Rabbi 
Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe,
Lubavitch is the largest 
Torah Jewish Education institution in the 
Glasgow Jewish community and throughout
Scotland for 47 years, committed to reaching 
out to every Jew regardless of age,
knowledge, commitment or circumstances. 
Lubavitch seek the Vanishing Jews of Scotland 
wherever they maybe. 

Lubavitch provide within the 
Glasgow Jewish Community 
a wide range of Jewish educational, 
social and welfare activities 
for Jews of all ages. 


Lubavitch in Scotland have their own Website
and Email Address and are in touch with
hundreds of Jews world-wide
answering questions in matters
of Jewish education and observance, and
provide tourist information.
For Jewish tourist information 
about the
Scottish Jewish Community
the Glasgow Jewish Community


Lubavitch provide hospital visitation, monthly 
visits to some 120 elderly and housebound people,
counseling in cases of bereavement and terminal 
illness, and assistance to help young and 
unemployed people find jobs. 

Lubavitch  provide confidential 
counseling and moral support in cases of 
inter-dating and intermarriage, 
missionaries and marital problems


Lubavitch of Scotland have published 
96 Educational Textbooks and Workbooks many
 in multi-colour for use in Cheder Classes 
and Hebrew Schools and Jewish Day Schools,
Yeshiva Day School Classes around the world. 
These include Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah 
Programs Textbooks, Workbooks 
30 Laminated Games.

To request a detailed Catalogue & Price list
Lubavitch click below

The Complete Catalogue


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Torah Games

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Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Catalog

Torah Games

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Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Catalog

We Ship Worldwide.

Books like these have never
been published before anywhere in the world!

  Lubavitch never turn anyone in the 
Glasgow Jewish community away from activities 
because they or their parents are unable to
pay set fees. 
  Lubavitch offer scholarships for those
attending Cheder Classes, and 
Adult Educational Programmes.

Lubavitch employ a fulltime Outreach
Worker in the Glasgow Jewish Community
 and are seeking to employ other families 
to expand the current programmes. 

Lubavitch employ a shliach to care
for Jews in Edinburgh and the greater Glasgow area.

  For Questions in all matters of 
Jewish Education and
Jewish Observance
* Touring info for Jewish people
* Shabbos Accommodation
* Kosher Food Availability

For everything Jewish that's 
happening within the
Glasgow & Edinburgh Jewish Community

Lubavitch 43 Years In Scotland Video


Lubavitch Aims & Objectives