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0141 638 6116 / 07957 605 005
/ 07971 502 601




L'Chaim's Restaurant & Kosher Catering Ltd
THE Cheapest & Best Kosher Food TAKE-AWAY
Suppliers of Kosher Food in Glasgow & Edinburgh
and Throughout Scotland
0141 638 6116 /
07957 605 005 / 07971 502 601
USA OFFICE NUMBER: 917 559 6044

We Use Shefa Meats under Hashgocha of
Rav Zimmerman of Federation (Former Gateshead rov)
Rav Eckstein of Belzer & Rav Eliezer Schnebalg, Edgware

The Restaurant and Cafe are only open
for Group Bookings (Groups 12 or More)
We are very active in the community Supplying
Best Quality Budget Meals to suit everyone's budget
Glasgow Kosher Restaurant Address:
222 Fenwick Rd Giffnock Glasgow G46 6UE

Scotland's Premier Leading Kosher Takeaway,
Restaurant, Caterer & Kosher Food Supplier
 of Top Quality Kosher Food Throughout Scotland

Under CONSTANT PERSONAL supervision of Rabbi & Mrs Chaim Jacobs
 of Chabad-Lubavitch, the Rebbe's personal Shluchim in
Scotland for 53 years, and the West of Scotland Kashrus authority.

We Use a BLAST FREEZER and can supply meals for Airlines,
Hospitals and All Hotels and Restaurants
'Kosher Haggis a Speciality'
We Can supply and Ship Your Kosher Haggis

Scotland's only Shomer Shabbos Mehadrin
Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Catering Establishment
An Activity of
Lubavitch of Scotland
We can deliver within 3 or 4 hours
of receiving your order
We are always open to supply Kosher Food
Restaurant only opens in the evening
when we have pre-Bookings
We are Open when we are closed!
Call to order your Kosher Food from Menu Here

Take Away - Food Supplied Menu & Price List Click Here
Kosher Frozen & Chilled Deliveries Made Throughout Scotland


Take Away - Food Supplied
Menu & Price List Click Here

Kosher Frozen & Chilled Deliveries
Made Throughout Scotland
View Our Kosher
Food Items HERE


L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Caterers

We Specialise in
Kosher Stone
Setting Receptions.
Briss, Parties
Call for a Quote

We Have a
Wine Licence

Wine List Here




* Scotland's ONLY Shomer Shabbos Glatt Kosher Caterer
Restaurant, Caterer & Food Supplier FULLY registered with
the Local Authority Health, Hygiene & Safety Department
* Our Kosher Standard is exact same as our own home!

* Restaurant Open on Demand when Required
Sora's Lunchtime Cafe ALWAYS Open Every Tues, Weds, Thurs
* Otherwise we can ALWAYS supply our high quality
Take Away Meals as below
* We Use ONLY Kedassia or MH Manchester Shechita *
* We Keep ALL Laws of Shemitta, Terumos & Maaser, Bishul Akum*

*All Fruits & Vegetables Washed under supervision*
* We NEVER COMPROMISE our Kashrus Standards *
(Lubavitch-Chabad) 0141 638 6116
07957 605 005 or 07971 502 601
Open or Closed You Can ALWAYS get Kosher Food
From L'Chaim's Restaurant and Catering
View Our Kosher Food Items HERE
View the Menu & Price List Below &/or Call the Numbers Above
Always Give as Much Notice As Possible
As We Are Sometimes Very Busy
Take Away / Kosher Meals
Delivered Throughout Scotland /
Glasgow Glatt Kosher Food Menu Click Here

We supply Meals on China Crockery too
Kosher Wine & Dine @
L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Caterers
Glasgow Kosher Restaurant, Sora's Kosher Cafe
Plus Edinburgh & Glasgow Kosher Catering &
Glasgow Kosher Shabbos Food
'Delivery Charges Apply'
Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland's ONLY Shomer Shabbos
Kosher Restaurant, Kosher Cafe &
Glatt Kosher Caterer & Glatt Kosher Food Supplier in Scotland
We Keep ALL Laws of Shemitta Properly
Completely Closed on Saturdays -
When no reply leave a message and we will deal with it promptly
on our return. Except on Shabbos please try other numbers given.
  For Glatt Kosher Food in Glasgow, Edinburgh Anywhere in Scotland
 Open or Closed Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland's ONLY Mehadrin, Shomer Shabbos, Glatt Kosher Kitchens, Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Glatt Kosher Caterer & Glatt Kosher Food Supplier.
ONLY Scottish Glatt Kosher Food Outlet
Constant Full Time Supervision
  We Can always offer you a Full Range
of Glatt Kosher Food & Kosher Take Away Meals
from Glasgow & Edinburgh's
ONLY Glatt
Kosher Kitchen, Kosher Caterer & Kosher Food Supplier
We are the ONLY Glatt Kosher Caterer in Scotland Registered
Cook Safe &
we have full HACCP
traceability and regularly inspected by the local
authority and can sign a Food Safety Disclaimer Form if Required.

Take Away / Delivered Meals/Food Menu Click Here   

* L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher
Restaurant & Caterers

Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterer
* Usually Open Nightly mid
July & thru August
(subject to Demand)
* Open Any Night by prior arrangement

Always pre-Book if Possible 48 Hours in Advance.

Kosher Take Away / Delivered Meals/Food Menu
Click Here

* Sora's Glasgow Kosher Lunchtime Cafe
Take Away & Budget Meals
Open Weekly 12- 2 pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday

Kosher Take Away / Delivered Kosher Meals/Food Menu Click Here
Glatt Kosher Catering At a Price You Can Afford
ONLY Shomer Shabbos-B'Nay Torah 
Glatt Kosher Mehadrin Restaurant, Glatt Kosher Food Supplier,
Glatt Kosher Caterer & Kosher Tour Supplier. Scotland's
Glatt Kosher Food & Catering at it's Very Best.

Don't think of Cost. Think of Value!

The ONLY Kosher Food Outlet in Scotland
FULLTIME - CONSTANT Kosher Kitchens Supervision.
SEE: Restaurant Kosher Kashrus Policy
222 Fenwick Rd. Giffnock. Glasgow G46 6UE Scotland
Tel: (011 44 141) 0141 638 6116 / 07957 605 005
or 07971 502 601 Email:

Closed on Saturdays - When closed please leave a message

Open or Closed Scotland's ONLY Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterer can always
offer you our Glatt Kosher range of Gourmet Food Meals: Kosher Breakfasts,
Kosher Lunches, Kosher Dinners &
ALL Shabbos Kosher Food Meals too
We Deliver throughout Scotland
Our Kosher Catering Kitchens can supply Tailor Made -
bespoke Kosher meals to your specification

For a Menu and price list of Glasgow Gourmet Kosher
Food Meals & Kosher Catering we can provide/supply Kosher Food throughout Scotland 

Click Here
Shomer Shabbos People wishing to
stay in the Main Jewish Community

Click Here

Travel Direction Click Here
Kosher Tours of Scotland Click Here

We use Kedassia & MH Kosher Shechita ONLY.
Under the
CONSTANT- Hashgocha-Personal Supervision of
Rabbi & Mrs Chaim Jacobs, the Lubavitch Rebbe's shluchim for 
46 years and the
West of Scotland Kashrus Authority.
We (Rabbi Chaim & Mrs Sora Jacobs) PERSONALLY Supervise the kashrus of the restaurant to the same high standard we observe in our own home.
We are Makpid on Bishul Yisroel and Bishul Akum
at all times plus everything listed in our Kashrus Policy below:
 Glasgow Kosher Restaurant
Kosher Kashrus Policy

Kosher Gluten Free Meals Available on Request

We can supply Meals Double Wrapped & Served
on China to Any Hotel or Restaurant in Scotland

45 Miles from Edinburgh. Open most nights in August
We specialise in Kosher Gourmet, Bespoke & Kosher Fine Dining and Kosher Food Catering. At all other times we can still Kosher Cater and supply all Kosher Food Requirements while visiting Scotland

Glasgow and Scotland's Only Glatt Kosher
Shomer Shabbos Restaurant & Kosher Catering


We can cater and supply all your Scotland Kosher Food Requirements while in Scotland
and help organise your Personal
Glatt Kosher Tour of Scotland

Check Out Our Kosher Tasty Naughty Desserts

We can send you all Scotland's Kosher Restaurant
Food Information translated into any language
of your choice on request

Scotland's Kosher Private Diners Club 
Persons attending must be a member of the
restaurant or introduced by a current member.
A Project of Lubavitch of Scotland

Information for Edinburgh Glatt Kosher
Food & Glasgow Glatt Kosher Food Click Here

L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant and Glatt Kosher Catering
in Glasgow Scotland where Elegance meets Tradition


Visiting anywhere in Scotland
for Business or Pleasure and
need Kosher Food?
Our Kosher Meals come double wrapped
and can be heated in any Hotel
or Apartment Oven or Microwave

We can meet you at Glasgow or Edinburgh
Airport or Train station and hand you your meals.
Kosher Party groups welcome
any evening
even when closed. Scotland's Kosher Gourmet
Fine Dining and Kosher Catering For
One / Two/ Three / Four Course Meals

Enjoy our Kosher Salt Beef, Kosher Steak, Kosher Lamb
Chops, Kosher Sea Bass, Kosher Fish & Chips,
Kosher Latkes & Kosher Chopped Liver Options.
All food is freshly cooked in
our restaurant by our gourmet chef
Meal Prices and Details Listed Below
Kosher Sandwiches available 
Should be pre ordered

View articles in various newspapers Click Here
Kosher Children's Meals from 9.95
Kosher 3 Course Dinners including 
Chicken Supreme, Lamb Cutlet, 
Roast Chicken or Poached Salmon from 23.95
** 2 Course Dinners including 
Chicken Supreme, Lamb Cutlet, 
Roast Chicken or Poached Salmon from 18.95
** 2 Course Dinners including Salt Beef 18.95
*** 3 Course Dinners including Salt Beef 23.95
* One Course Meals from 12.95


When you walk into L'Chaim's restaurant you
are invited to dine in one of the two candle-lit
dining rooms each with their own decorative ambiance.
Its elegant setting and smart  decor is ideal
for a relaxing night out, family parties,
professional lunches, and business meetings.

Once seated, freshly baked French Baguettes
are brought to your table and the experience of first
class cuisine in trendy surroundings begins.
Tables are covered in burgundy and white cloths
and all meals are served on modern square plates
along with Kings cutlery and crystal glasses. 

L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant has a wine
license and you can experience a choice
 of 15-20 popular Kosher wines.

Enjoy our range of Kosher tasty soups
Don't missing our 
Tempting Kosher Desserts!

Children's portions available for
children aged under ten years.

L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant 
News Release
Click Here

Lubavitch Kosher Food Restaurant in Glasgow.
Kosher Food Restaurant near Edinburgh.
Kosher Food Restaurant in Scotland.
Great Kosher Restaurants Kosher Edition

We recommend the Kosher Restaurant of 
Chabad of Warsaw: 

Visiting Scotland you can enjoy your
Kosher Food @
We are half hour drive from
Robert Burns Country.
One hour from Stirling Castle, 
Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, 
Whiskey Trails, Gleneagles and much more.
Two hours to the Highlands.
Five Hours to Caithness 
and the Scottish Highlands


Prices and items may 
change without notice
Vegetarian Options available
if requested when booking
Forthcoming Glasgow  Scotland
Kosher Events
Click Here

For your Kosher Catered function
Call Sora Jacobs 
The Kosher Catering Manager 
to arrange your function.

We look forward to welcoming
you at L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant
Glasgow's only Kosher Restaurant
Scotland's only Kosher Restaurant

We cater ..............
 * Kosher Friday Night Suppers,
 * Kosher Shabbos Lunches
 * Kosher Food Activities for Singles,
 * Kosher Small Barmitzvah Parties & Breakfasts,
 * Kosher Sheva Brochois, Engagements,
 * Kosher Musical Evenings
 * Kosher Birthday Parties, Ouf Rufs
 and Kosher receptions following Stone Settin

Remember wherever you buy your
food ONLY food sold in a
sealed packet is KOSHER
Unless it is bought from an establishment under
constant Kosher supervision

For Information about which 
Kelloggs Cereals are Kosher 
Click Here

First Click on products, then the left side you will
find a icon for Kosher. 
A full list of kosher cereals will appear
You can use Alpro Soya milk together
with your cereal

For Hotels in the Lake District Click Here
Logos for Kosher Food sold in Scotland
Click Here or Click Here

Many Tivall Products are sold in
most branches of Holland & Barrett
throughout Britain.
You can wrap these products
in two layers of cling film
and ask your hotel to heat them
in any microwave!
Many Ryvita Products carry a KLBD Hechsher


A full range of 25 types of Kosher wine areon sale
at the L'Chaim's Chabad Lubavitch Kosher Wine Shop
in Glasgow.
This is Scotland's Only Kosher Wine Store
Details Click Here

For all your Glatt Kosher Food Requirement in Scotland contact L'Chaim's
Glatt Kosher Restaurant and Kosher Caterer for a Personal Service

The ONLY Glatt Kosher Catering, Restaurant and Kosher Food Supply in Scotland
Our Kosher Kitchens are under constant Kosher Supervison to the highest Mehadrin standard

 Remember: Don't think of Cost. Think of Value!
L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterers
Kosher Caterers in Glasgow
Kosher Caterers in Scotland Kosher Caterers in Edinburgh