Moshiach Update

The Rebbe's message about the coming
 of Moshiach spoken live to CNN

Someone went by the Rebbe and said "I have a one and only request, that Moshiach should come".

Rebbe: This is the first time that I met a Jew, whose only request is that Moshiach should come. (21 Av - 5750)

Rabbi Shmuel Butman - chairman of the International campaign to bring Moshiach showed the Rebbe a shirt on which "Moshiach is on the way" was imprinted. Butman told the Rebbe that they made 2000 shirts.

Rebbe: If you will give one to me, then you will be left with 1999, please leave one here. (24 AV - 5751)

A reporter asked the Rebbe if the Rebbe has a message to give over to the readers of his paper.

Rebbe: Write about the coming of Moshiach.
Reporter: When is he coming?

Rebbe: Write about the preparations for his arrival.
Reporter: But when is he coming?

Rebbe: When will he come - that is up to him to decide, however what each of us has to do, is to add in Inyonei Torah & Mitzvos and this will hasten his arrival, and Hashem should bless you.(24 Av 5751)

All our activities are imbued with the message of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that Moshiach is about to come, and that we should get ready to GREET MOSHIACH through increasing in study of Torah, and the practice of Mitzvois and good deeds.

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