Lubavitch Pesach  Communal Seder

Some 120 men, women and children attended the Lubavitch of Scotland Seder in Glasgow Scotland.
Running a Seder in Scotland is challenging as the earliest time to start the Seder this year was 9.20pm!
In view of this the Seder schedule was adjusted to accomodate the late hour.
The main meal was served before Yom Tov began. From sunset until nightfall there was an
interval which included Seder explanations, songs and Yom Tov candle lighting.
The actual Seder began at nightfall and ended after 11pm to the delight of all the guests.
Following Matza and Morror egg and salt water, Dessert and Fruit Platters were served.
This was followed by Benshing and the conclusion of the Seder.
The entire Seder meal was organised by Sora Jacobs, the kitchen on the night was organised by
 Leible Sziewicz from Melbourne Australia and the Seder was conducted by
Rabbi Chaim Jacobs, Sora Jacobs and Rabbi Mendel Jacobs.
The atmosphere was tremendous with many people already pre booking for next year.
Other Chabad Lubavitch Sedorim were held in Edinburgh organised by shluchim
Rabbi Pinny & Gitty Weinbaum who run Chabad on Campus in Edinburgh with a
large crowd attending both nights.