Lubavitcher Rebbe Tribute
By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
43 Years
 In Scotland

Inspires a
Moshiach News & Events Whiskey

Purim Activities
5771 - 2011

This Purim was exceptionally busy.
Before Purim over 1100 Purim Guides were
distributed in the community.

On Purim over 150 Mishloach Monos Gifts were
distributedto the elderly, and housebound in the community. Many of the gifts were distributed by
girls from the Lubavitch Bat Chayil classes taught
by Mrs Sora Jacobs who visited the residents living
at two sheltered housing units in the community
at Walton Court and Barrland Court.

Rabbi Jacobs read the Megila five times for many
people at these complexes and for people who
are housebound. A Purim Seudah was
held for 25 people with entertainment
by violinist Lev Atlas

Some 160 adults & children attended the
Lubavitch Shul in the Park Purim Party
together with Clarkston Shul organised by

Rabbi Mendel & Tzirl Jacobs.
This event was
held at
Burnfield Care Home within the
Jewish community and was a great social success
for the residents and the entire community.
During Purim Rabbi Mendel visited residents
at both the the care homes Burnfield Care
and Westacres where he is the chaplain.

Purim 2011 at Lubavitch
'Shul in the Park'
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Purim 5710 /2010

Over 90 children and adults attended the
Lubavitch Purim Brunch.
There was lots of food, fun and a fancy dress contest.
Winners of the Fancy Dress were
Eve Jackson and Sarah Manson.

Before Purim over 600 Purim Guides were distributed.

On Purim over 150 Mishloach Monos Gifts were distributedto the elderly, and housebound in the community.

A Lubavitch Purim Supper was held for 60 Glasgow
teenagers in conjunction with Glasgow Maccabi and FZY.
A great time was had by everyone attending.

Part of the 90 adults and children who
attended the Lubavitch Purim Brunch
at the Lubavitch Centre on Purim Morning

Bringing Jewish pride to the 
Glasgow Jewish Community  
and throughout Scotland!

Purim Concert March 2008

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Rabbi Chaim Jacobs & Rabbi Mendel Jacobs

Mrs Sora Jacobs and the Bat Chayil Class
visiting people living in Barrland Court
Sheltered Housing on Purim

Everyone received and exchanged Purim gifts.
The Megila was read by Rabbi Chaim Jacobs.

During the afternoon the 
children had a entertainer. 

180.00 was raised from Matonot L'evyonim
 in aid of Shaarei Tzedek hospital.