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Supporting & Feeding Scottish Jewry During the CoronaVirus

In the coming weeks Sora and Chaim Jacobs of Lubavitch of Scotland
are organising a series of talks and demonstrations.
This follows on from numerous successful seminars,
conventions and educational events organised over the past 53 years.

As it is currently very cold outside Lubavitch will be offering these events
on Zoom from the comfort of peopleís homes. It will enable people all over the
world to join in and participate.

They will include inspirational talks and demonstrations covering the Shabbos,
Kosher food, the role of the Jewish woman, family life and much more.
Presenters will be from all over the world including Birmingham, London,
Manchester, Melbourne, Milan and New York,.

To promote Kosher Foods LíChaimís will be offering each week one or
 two favourite food items at discounted prices.

For further information and to Zoom register please call
Chaim and Sora on 638 6116

Kosher Food & Jewish Women's
Weekly GLOBAL Zoom Seminar
& Kosher Food Month

A Series of Demos & Short Talks
Begins Tues 17 Jan @ 7PM
(weekly 40 mins Sessions)
Monthly Registration fee £8 per family
Moderator: Sora Jacobs /  Weekly Guest Presenter

Global contributors will include in surname alphabetical order

Celia Clyne Catering of Manchester
Roza Hazan-Sandman of Milan

Chummy Sandman-Jacobs of Edgware

Sholom and Pessy Jacobs and family
Yossi and Rochel Jacobs of Birmingham
Dovid Sandman of Edgware

Chaya Sziewicz of Melbourne Australia

Rivka Taubenfliegel-Jacobs

Please contact Chaim and Sora of Lubavitch
for further information

Demonstrations will include Sushi, Chala Baking,
preparing a Shabbos meal and much more


Before Rosh Hashona Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs Directors
of Lubavitch Scotland made a New Year Gift
Presentation to the Provost (Mayor) of East Renfrewshire Council, Councillor Jim Fletcher.

Rabbi jacobs offered his prayer and blessing for the year ahead for all
the Jewish community, citizens of East Renfrewshire and throughout Scotland

Your Donation Will Help Fund the
Following Activities and
in Particular

The Support we are giving to the
Community during CoronaVirus
Lockdown and Isolation

Every Shabbos we supply Numerous Shabbos
Meal Bags throughout the Community



'Established 50 Years'
Lubavitch of Scotland was one of the First one hundred
Chabad Lubavitch Centers to be opened in the world
To View our Diverse Range of Activities
Click icons Below
to find out what is currently happening
Lubavitch Scotland Golden Jubilee Dinner Highlights
Lubavitch Golden Jubilee Celebration Video
Pictures of Lubavitch Scotland Activities




Busy, Busy, Busy at Lubavitch. Numerous event and programmes planned in honour of
Year 51 with Hashem's Help including Shabbos Dinner this Shabbos evening for 40 people, supplying at
below cost price Shabbos dinner for 26 students, Lunches two days of Rosh Hashona, a Packed
Shul in the Park over yomtov and much more

Last Monday 9 September 30 men and women packed L'Chaim's Restaurant for two
seperate Lunches for men and women with Chaim and Sora.

A special presentation was made to Sora to celebrate our 50 years
in Scotland by Sorelle Kayne

A group of Lubavitch supporters visited the Provost of East Renfrewshire Council Councillor Jim Fletcher to

make a formal presentation on behalf of Lubavitch Scotland and the Glasgow Jewish community to celebrate the
forthcoming festival of Rosh Hashona and the Jewish New Year. Rabbi Jacobs blew the Shofar and explained that
Rosh Hashona is a day of Judgement not just for the Jewish people but for all mankind.
Rabbi Jacobs and all assembled wished the Provost, the councillors and all citizens of East Ren a happy New Year
 that they should all enjoy a year of good health and prosperity for the year ahead. Persons present and on photo were Rabbi Chaim Jacobs
 Rabbi Yossi Jacobs Sholom Jacobs  Dr Steven Kayne Dr Bernard Groden Mr Monty Cowen Mr Irving Remocker

 Lubavitch Visit the Provost (the Mayor) of East Renrewshire Before Rosh Hashona




Events Over the Next Few Weeks Activities Will or Have Included:

Celebrating Shavuos
There were shul services, Cheese Cake and Blintzes Kiddushim,
Ice Cream parties and communal
readings of the Ten Commandments
 and community meals held during Shavuous
In order to involve as many people as possible in
observing this very important Festival


Pesach News 2019

On the first night of Pesach 45 people packed the home of Chaim
and Sora for the annual fantastic Lubavitch Communal Seder.

As usual in order to enable everyone to fulfil the Mitzvos of the Seder
including drinking the four cups of wine and eating the Matza and
bitter herbs which have to be done after nightfall, the meal was served
first and the actual Seder ceremony started after nightfall around 9.30pm
and ended almost at midnight.

On the last day of Pesach 30 people gathered to celebrate the
'Meal of Moshiach' at the close of the festival.

Lubavitch helped many people have a meaningful Pesach this year.

Next Year May we celebrate in Yerusholyim!


Purim Events 5779- March 2019

50 people attended Lubavitch-Shul in the Park Purim Evening Megilah
Reading and Hot snack Reception
25 people attended Lubavitch-Shul in the Park Purim Megilah
Reading and shacharis service

100 are attended the Lubavitch Annual Purim Dinner and Concert.

This Purim marks 50 years of Lubavitch Purim celebrations in
Glasgow Scotland Boruch Hashem

January-February Cold Weather Spell

During the current very cold winter weather we have been distributing
several hundred tubs of Soups to the elderly and housebound
in the community. Sponsors are always welcome.

To Enable the community to Eat Kosher ALWAYS
we run Scotland's Only Shomer Shabbos Glatt Kosher Restaurant
 and Catering Service.
This enables hundreds of the local Community,
Business people and Tourists to Eat Kosher ALWAYS


We Provide Meals on Wheels for the Elderly and the Housebound      

We Run Numerous Shabbos Dinners, Sedorim, Yom Tov Meals
and Learning Classes and Social Events

We Run Shul in the Park
Scotland's Only Shabbos and Weekday Explanatory Shul
Service run by Founder Rabbi Mendel Jacobs
Contact him on
07966 303 292


50 people attended our Shabbos Dinner at our Chabad Center Restaurant L'Chaim's
A great evening was enjoyed by everyone.


Ten men gathered at Lubavitch-Sora's Cafe for a Lunch and Learn Session with Chaim.
Besides enjoying tasty good quality food a talk and discussion
went on for 30 minutes discussing Tubeshevat, the seven species
of fruit and grains of Israel, Tefillin, and more. Next
Lunch and Learn
for men will be held on Wednesday 13 February. Please Pre Book.
Coming shortly an
Curry Lunch at Sora's Cafe on Weds 20 February


40 people packed L'Chaim's Restaurant last night for a Lubavitch
Tubeshevat Celebration Supper and Quiz.

Catering was organised by Sora Jacobs and the Question master and
chairman for the evening was Steven Kayne.

Steven asked many interesting and infomative questions
and great fun was had by all.

During the evening Chaim explained about Tubeshevat and
also explained the answers to some of the questions

Final Quiz winners were David Samuels and Carolyn Miller who both
 won a voucher to be used at any L'Chaim's event over the next three months.



40 people packed L'Chaim's Restaurant for Shabbos
dinner this past Friday evening.

The guests enjoyed a four course meal plus tea,
coffee, chocolates and Dinner Wine.
A Great Night was enjoyed by all attending.
Next Lubavitch Shabbos dinner will be held on Friday 1st February.
Very Limited Places available


Special thanks to our son Sholom for sponsoring the Chanukah Menorah outside
RBS in Giffnock and for the Electric Banner opposite Lidl in Giffnock.
For sure everyone knew it was Chanukah and how many candles to light each night.
The children in the community received Chanukah kids mags with Chanukah Gelt
and Chocolate coins. The community received Chanukah Guides in the post.

Afternoon teas were also held for members of the community


45 Men and women crammed into L'Chaim's Restaurant and the Glasgow Lubavitch Centre
on Monday for two seperate Pre Chanukah Lunch and Learn Events.
Event is the Brain Wave of Sora Jacobs who has been running these events for years.
Now Chaim Jacobs also gathered a crowd for his event too.
Besides enjoying a lavish lunch at a discounted price all attendees enjoyed Chanukah
Donuts and inspirational words of Torah about Chanukah miracles, wonders and stories of the past.

Promoting the Tefillin Campaign


35 people gathered at L'Chaim's Restaurant and the Glasgow Lubavitch Centre
this past Sunday for a Lunch to celebrate the 49th Anniversary of Lubavitch in Scotland.

The program included the signing of the Book Secret of Chabad written by California
Chabad shliach Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie.

Highlights of the afternoon were enjoying a wonderful lunch catered by L'Chaim's
and an inspiring talk by Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie who explained the background of how the
Chabad shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe operate throughout the world, and the contribution they
play in building Jewish communities througout the world and how they connect with every
Jew regardless of religious or financial circumstances.

During the lunch all male guests put on Tefillin in memory of those
killed in the Pittsburgh massacre this past Shabbos morning.


One of the 10 Mitzvah Campaigns of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
 is to encourage people to keep / eat
Kosher always
Lubavitch in Scotland have a Kosher Restaurant, Cafe and Catering facility.
Through this we are able to always offer people kosher food and functions
at reasonable prices

We also offer  Budget Food Meals
for the elderly and housebound at reasonable prices.

Nobody should not eat kosher due to finance!


Why We Should Always Use Kosher Catering


Monday 3 September

Busy day for the energetic Sora Jacobs who hosted a wonderful ladies Lunch and Learn in Glasgow
today for almost 40 ladies. All enjoyed the wonderful cuisine of Chefs Alistair and Peter.
Menu was a taste of Rosh hashona with Zimmes, saltbeef and latke.
Plus cake fruit and hot drinks.
During the talk Sora urged the audience to undertake additional Mitzvos and good deeds in honour of Rosh Hashona and the New Year ahead.
Part of her message below One small act which improves our... observance of Kashrut, Shabbat, the festivals anything,
even that small act does not go a miss and that is what Rosh Hashanah is therefore.
So as I come to the end of my talk I would like each of us to think of two Mitzvois we will take on to improve ourselves in the coming year.
One mitzvah between us and our friends, maybe to forgive their wrong doing, offer a lonely person friendship, help someone in need.
And also a mitzvah between us and Hashem such as lighting our Shabbos and yomtov on time not later, be more careful about
the kashrus of the food we buy and eat, or maybe stop using our mobile phone on Shabbos and yom tov.

Thursday 6 September
To enable the Community to fulfil the Mitzvah of wearing
KOSHER Tefillin and placing Kosher
Mezuzahs on their doors Lubavitch brought to Glasgow Sofer Rabbi Yitzchak Schreibhant, courtesy of Sholom Jacobs.
It was a
FREE service offered and will be repeated later in the year.
Anyone wishing to have their Tefillin or Mezuzahs checked please be in touch 638 6116.
Writing of the Tefillin and Mezuzahs often fades which then invalidates the items.
We all need Hashem's promise of long life and good health
for oneself and the family so book Your Tefillin and Mezuzah
MOT as soon as possible.
 This blessing comes about thru fixing Kosher Mezuzahs on all doors and wearing
KOSHER Tefillin
daily at least while saying the first two lines of the Shema.





Hear Sora Speak on the Radio Here


Fantastic Lubavitch Purim Event Held in Glasgow
Despite the very challenging weather last week Lubavitch managed to arrange the weather,
and run a very well attended Purim Dinner and Concert with 120 people seated on the night.
Lubavitch offered transport for those unable to make their way themselves.
Click Here to Watch the Video

The evening consisted of a three course Buffet Meat and Chicken meal, plus tea, coffee, wine
and plenty of whisky.
Although the band was unable to fly in from London due to Easy Jet cancelling all flights.
Sholom Jacobs single handed organised alternative entertainment for the evening with much music, singing and dancing,
a magician and a photo booth. 
There was fun for everyone. The meal was organised by Sora in
her usual professional way. It was a great social success with nobody leaving for home early. People arrived at 5pm
and left around 9.30pm Through the financial sponsorship of the event by Sholom and Pessy
the Glasgow community enjoyed a top notch event at a price everyone could afford.
Next Lubavitch event will be the Lubavitch Communal Seder held at Macabi on first night of Pesach.
A few places are still available.
At all Lubavitch events NOBODY is ever turned away from any event due to finance.
L'Chaim's Restaurant was open as usual both this Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.
Because no kosher meat and chicken supplies came up from England this past week,
L'Chaim's Restaurant in Glasgow is selling
Kosher meat and chicken to the community.

Video of Purim Concert 2015 Click Here



 This past Monday Lubavitch of Scotland to celebrate 66 years since HM the Queen
became Queen of the UK and the Commonwealth
Guest speaker was Edward Green former Royal Jeweller and chairman was Close
friend and supporter Steven Kayne.

The tea consisted of sandwiches and cakes fitting for a Royal Tea
catererd by L'Chaim's Restaurant and organised by Sora Jacobs

Toast to the Queen was given by Rabbi Chaim Jacobs and presentations
were made to Edward and Steven in
ion of their efforts and support of Lubavitch Scotland


Lubavitch in Scotland celebrated several events over the Chanukah week
which included a Chanukah Supper, A senior Citizens tea, and a
Shul in the Park event attended by 80 people at L'Chaim's Restaurant.

They also mounted an 18 foot banner at Giffnock village main traffic lights,
and also mounted an Electronic Menorah in front of RBS bank in
Giffnock courtesy of RBS and the the Giffnock BID organisation.
There was also a large Menorah and celebrations in Edinburgh at
Edinburgh Chabad



45 people packed L'Chaim's Restaurant this past Friday night for a fantastic Shabbos Friday night dinner.

Besides the four course meal plus tea, coffee and chocolates, Dinner wine and
Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky flowed in abundance for all to enjoy.
Chaim and Sora entertained the guests in their usual humorous manner and Chaim told over two inspiring
Chanukah stories and led the assembled in Shabbos Zemiros and other songs.
The entire event was as usual organised by Sora in her usual professional way.
The next Friday night dinner will be held on Friday 26 January.
This will be the last Friday night dinner before Pesach.
Other forthcoming events include Burns Lunch- a Taste of Burns on Sunday 21 January, a Royal Tea on
Monday 5 February, Annual Purim Event on Thursday 1 March and Annual Pesach Seder in twelve weeks
time on Friday 30 March.
Now accepting bookings for all these events. Book NOW to avoid disappointment, Limited Places


40 Ladies and ten men attended the latest Lubavitch Pre Chanukah Lunch and Learn held at L'Chaim's Restaurant
this past Monday. Sora has been holding these lunches a few times a year before the main festivals for ten years.
Besides the inspirational and informative talks given by Sora and Chaim, the Ladies lunch enjoyed a birthday
party for Pauline Terret's special birthday.
There was pre Chanukah Gift swopping and Latkes and Donuts were included in the raffle.

Next Lubavitch event will be their famous Friday night Shabbos Dinner which will be held this
Friday evening with 40 people in attendance plus a waiting list due to lack of space in the Restaurant



Pictures below show chefs getting
 ready for Scotland's Largest Seder
Lubavitch Annual Seder night for 120 people
Due to the late hour we serve the meal before Yomtov begins
These pictures were taken last year before Yom Tov began
Our 18 foot Electric Banner at a Busy Traffic Intersection
in Glasgow publicising the festival of Purim
40 people attended a very successful 2017 Annual Burns
Supper held at L'Chaim's Restaurant located at the
Lubavitch Centre this past Sunday night. Guest speakers
were Chairman Stephen Kayne who also made the toast to the
immortal memory and the toast to the Lassies. David Clapham
recited all of Tom O'shanta and the toast to the Haggis with
other Burns poetry.

There was much musical entertainment provided by Eddie Binnie
who had all the assembled clapping and singing.

Reply to the toast to the Lassies was given by a Sora Jacobs 
The Selkirk Grace and Bentshing was recited by Rabbi Chaim
Jacobs and the Haggis was piped in by piper Greg Stewart. 
The entire event was planned and organised by restaurant manager and
co Director of Lubavitch Scotland
Mrs Sora Jacobs with the help of Steven Kayne and David Clapham.



During Chanukah a 18 foot long Electric Banner was erected at
a busy Traffic intersection in Giffnock Glasgow
 for the week of Chanukah Letting people
know how many candles to light each night
This past Friday night 25 guests attended the Lubavitch
Bat Chayil Class Family Shabbaton Dinner. Great food, great company and great input by
the Bat Matzvah girls who gave much nachas to the parents, grandparents and teacher
Sora Jacobs was enjoyed by everyone

Monday before Chanukah a great Lubavitch Pre Chanukah 'Lunch and Learn'
was held in Glasgow for 35 women and 8 men.

The programme is the brainwave of Rebetzen Sora Jacobs longest serving senior rebetzen
 in Scotland who inspired the woman guests with her humour and wit, informative talk
and by providing a great lunch catered by L'Chaim's Restaurant Scotland's ONLY kosher Restaurant.
In tandem Rabbi Chaim Jacobs run a lunch for eight men who also enjoyed an interesting talk
and discussion about Chanukah and enjoyed a great lunch.
Tea, coffee and freshly baked donuts were served to all guests.
All ladies swapped gifts.and when Chaim brought in the large gift box they thought
Chanukah had arrived early!!
Next Lubavitch events will be:
* Friday Night Shabbos Dinner for 70 people
this coming Friday evening January 13.
This event is again partially funded by the Netherlee Clarkston Charitable Trust.
* Friday night Shabbos Dinner will be held on February 10.
* Our Burns Supper is full with a waiting list BH
Our Purim Dinner to be held on Sunday March 12,
Programme to be announced shortly

* Bookings are now being taken for our Pesach Communal
Seder Night on First night Pesach Monday April 10


Be Inspired By the Rebbe's Daily Video
Click Here
Please Pre Book for ALL Events
Now Booking for

* Friday Night Shabbos Dinner on
Friday February 10
Purim Event Sunday March 12
Pesach Seder Monday April 10

All events take place
@ L'Chaim's Restaurant unless otherwise stated
Other Future Events Include

Fri Feb 10: Lubavitch Friday Night Shabbos Dinner @ L'Chaim's £26
Sun March 12: Lubavitch Purim Dinner & Concert Carmichael Hall 5.00 pm
Monday April 10: Lubavitch Communal Seder at Maccabi £34
Sun May 14: Lubavitch Lag B'Omer BBQ


Hebrew Reading Class for Men & Women
Every Sunday Morning 11-12 noon

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Now Booking for:
Lubavitch Hebrew Reading Marathon
See This Weeks Here's My Story Below





End of Pesach Moshiach's Meal in Scotland
Communal Seder a Great Success
Unbelievable Purim
Celebration Dinner & Concert 2015

Purim Report on COL

Reproduced by courtesy of the Jewish Telegraph Group of Newspapers.

Rabbi Chaim Jacobs With Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis during his visit to Birmingham Shabbos
13-14 March 2015

Report of Phenomenal Sefer Torah
 Dedication & Celebration Concert
 Click Here

Exciting Burns Supper Celebrated
Sunday 26 January 2015
Piping in the Haggis Click Here
Article in Herald Magazine Glasgow about our Burns Night

Ten men and women attended the Lubavitch-L'Chaim's Tubeshevat
Lunch and Learn. A talk was given by Chaim about the symbolism of fruit in Jewish tradition.
This was followed by numerous questions and answers. It was decided to run such an
event every 3 or 4 weeks. A two course lunch followed by a Fruit Platter was served.
The next Lubavitch Ask the Rabbi & Rebetzen Lunch will now take place on
Wednesday 25 February at L'Chaim's beginning at 12.30pm. £10 per person.

Sora's Cafe Lunches
& Take Away
Open Every Tues, Weds, Thurs
12-2pm Booking NOT Required

Light Lunches @ Light Prices
Soups, Salt Beef, Latke,
Chopped Liver, Salads & Much More
Large Groups Please Pre Book
For Prices See Bottom of this Email
or Click Here for Menus & Prices:
Full Report of Sefer Torah
Dedication-Celebration Jan 2015
Click Here



To Find out more and to
Purchase Letters in this Torah


Learn to Read Hebrew @ Lubavitch
To arrange your Class
Ongoing Classes for Men & Women


Beginning Wednesday 4 February
Monthly Lunch & Learn with Chaim
Please Pre Book



Shul in the Park Click Here

During Succos over 75 men women and children enjoyed the great food and atmosphere of
the annual Lubavitch of Scotland Succos BBQ held in the Succa of Rabbi & Mrs
Chaim Jacobs, Lubavitch shluchim in Scotland for 44 years.

Everyone attending was given the opportunity to make a brocha over the Lulov and eat in the
Succa.For some this was their first experience of eating in a Succa ever.
All food was organised by Sora Jacobs and supplied by L'Chaim's Kosher Catering.

Throughout Succos Shluchim Rabbi Chaim and Sora and their son Rabbi Mendel and his wife
Tzirl have been welcoming numerous people to their Succa's to enjoy Yom Tov hospitality.
Lulov and Esrog is taken daily to numerous people in Walton Court,
Barrland Court, various Jewish Care Social Clubs, and people in their private homes.

8 woman joined Sora for Lunch and Learn in the Succa this week

During Succos the Lulov and Esrog was taken to people around the
community giving them a chance to perform this wonderful mitzvah

Daily visits were made to Barrland Cort residents on Rosh Hashona
with the Shofar and during Succos


Rabbi Chaim & Sora Jacobs Attend Queen's Garden Party
July 2013
at Palace of Holyrood House Edinburgh
Click Here

Hotels & Restaurants Bespoke Kosher Catering

Sora Jacobs with the Wedding Waiting Staff
of L'Chaim's Kosher Catering

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs with Provost Alastair Carmichael


L'Chaim's Open Kosher Wine Store

Details Click Here


Tefillin Campaign in Boston Mass.

Sora Jacobs Giving Out Shabbos Candle Sticks

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs with his Jewish Tartan

Buy your Jewish Tartan Click Here

Chanukah Gifts at Barrland Court

October 2013 marks the beginning of the 45th year
since Rabbi Chaim Jacobs arrived in Glasgow (shortly before he was married)
to set up Lubavitch of Scotland. Chaim and Sora first came to Glasgow
 at the suggestion of Rabbi Jeremy Rosen, then minister of Giffnock shul.
When they first arrived they worked part time for Lubavitch and part time
as youth worker to Giffnock shul teaching in the Cheder four days a week,
and taking withdrawal classes at Kirkhill (120 children weekly!) and Thornliebank
primary school 25 children weekly.
Sora also taught in the Giffnock Cheder and the Glen Nursery School and
they both ran weekly Shabbos afternoon children's groups for up to
40/50 children weekly, a weekly girls cookery and handicraft Club for
 teenage girls, and cookery classes for student girls, and Melave Malka Parties
for single men each week. Despite all the challenges over the years they
have never looked back and continue to serve the community
 with commitment and dedication and look forward to continue doing so
for many years to come please G-d.
They and their children are proud to be part of the army of the
shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

All are welcome at this and all services and events
run by Lubavitch and Shul in the Park.


Lubavitch of Scotland Annual Burns Supper

40 people attended the 7th annual Burns Supper at L'Chaim's Restaurant this
past Sunday evening. Sadly several people had to be turned away due to lack of space.
This annual event is held on the birthday of the famous scots poet born over 250 years ago.
The entire event was planned and organised by Sora Jacobs who is co director
of Lubavitch Scotland and manager of L'Chaim's Restaurant and Kosher Catering.
The meal served was a traditional Burns night supper enjoyed by everybody.

Chairman of the evening was Steven Kayne who entertained
the guests with his wit and humour and told the guests about the
history of Robert Burns.


The toast to the haggis and reciting of Tam O'Shanter and other
Burns poetry was done by heart by David Clapham who kept the
assembled amused throughout the evening by his enthsiastic recitations.

The reply to the toast to the lasses was given by Sorelle
Kayne who extolled the virtues of a Jewish mother.

During the course of the evening Rabbi Jacobs spoke about the
26th yahrzeit of rebetzen Chaya Mushka Schneerson, wife of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
and about the special relationship between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Ariel Sharron.
It was the Rebbe who advised Sharron to build and use pontoon bridges to cross
the Suez Canal in 1973 Yom Kippur war. The Rebbe was involved in the design of the
Pontoon bridges used by Nato allies for the Normandy landing at the end of the second war.

A special heart rendering thank you to all the guests was given by Sora Jacobs.
She said that despite the challenges Lubavitch face in the community, it is the
friends and guests who attend our events who encourage us to keep organising
more and more events all the time.


Home Activities in Scotland Aims & Objectives Anniversary Dinner BasMitzvah Curriculum Bat Mitzva Learning Curriculum Budget Kosher Foods Candle Lighting Chabad House Cheder Classes Chanukah in Scotland Cheder Textbooks Civic Dinner Current Activities & Events Donate As You Earn Donate Now Donate by Credit Card Donation Pays For Edinburgh Community Edinburgh Glatt Kosher Edinburgh Tourist Information Glasgow Jewish Community Hebr School Textbs Jewish Day School Textbooks Jewish Educ Materials Jewish Tartan Kosher Expo 2015 Kosher Food Guide Kosher Food Fortnight Kosher Golf Tours Kosher Tourist Info Kosher Tours of Scotland L'Chaims Restaurant Glasgow Scotland Life Cycles Program Lubavitch Bookshop Meaning of Mikveh Mechirat Chametz Mechirus Chometz Memory Lane Mitzvah Campaigns Moshiach Update Paper Feature Photos of Activities Power of Tzedokah Pesach Seder Purim Activities Purim Dinner & Concert Sale of Chametz Scottish Alumni Sale of Chometz Sefer Torah Selling Chametz Form Selling Chometz Senior Citizen's Shomer Shabbos Info Shul in the Park Support Now Talmud Torah Syllabus Talmud TorahTextbooks Torah Teaching Materials Torah Games Tourist Information Tours From USA Whiskey Tours Wills & Legacies YahrzeitCards Yeshiva Textbooks