Lubavitcher Rebbe Tribute
By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
43 Years
 In Scotland

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Aims & Objectives of Lubavitch in Scotland

 Lubavitch of Scotland is part of the worldwide Lubavitch movement
which is the world’s largest Jewish Educational and Outreach movement in the world.

 Ours aim is to share the warmth, love and vibrance of Judaism
 with every Jew regardless of their religious beliefs and financial circumstances.

 Here in Glasgow we run a wide range of activities for Jews of all
ages to include Cheder Classes, Bat Chayil Classes, Adult & Teenage Education,
Shabbos & Yom Hospitality Programmes, Pre Yom Tov Guides, Mailings
and Classes, Scotland’s Only Kosher Restaurant and Café, Communal Seder,
Purim Dinner & Concert, Educational Evenings, and Programmes and regular
visits to Senior Citizens including subsidised lunches and free distribution
of soups throughout the cold winter.

 At Lubavitch NOBODY is ever turned away because they cannot pay
for an activity. However, funds must be found to pay for these activities.

 Because many/most people benefitting from our classes and activities are
unable to fully pay for services rendered and for activities attended.
All programmes must be subsidised and we constantly seek Legacies
and Donations to help fund and subsidise our work.

 The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson told us Moshiach is
about to come, and that we should prepare to GREET MOSHIACH through
increasing in Torah study and practice of Mitzvois and good deeds.

 Friends of Lubavitch Scotland
Charity Number SC031 458

Kosher Food & Restaurant in Scotland

For Assistance in ALL Matters of
Jewish Education and
Jewish Observance
* Touring info for Jewish people
* Shabbos Accommodation
* Kosher Food Availability
* Kosher Restaurant
in Glasgow, Edinburgh &
throughout Scotland
* Kosher Catering 
in Scotland
* Mikve
* Daily Minyan
* Daf Ha-yomi

For everything Jewish that's happening within the
Glasgow and Edinburgh 
Jewish Community


Edinburgh Jewish Community
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